About us:

KnuthApp (available on iOS and Andriod) and KnuthWeb ( are KLS’ key portals.
KLS communicates its neologisms with the general public through these two portals.

There are two interfaces to KLS’s KnuthApp and KnuthWeb:

KLS Committee Interface:

This is used by our KLS team to propose a new neologism, discuss and debate it and finally approve it.
Once a proposed neologism is approved, it is then automatically made public and communicated with the enduser.

Enduser Interface:

This interface is viewable by the general public.
It is through this interface that the general public learns of our recently coined neologisms.
Furthermore, the enduser could also request the KLS to coin neologism which we lack in our language.
Thus, through this feature, the general public actively participates with KLS in order to enrich our language.

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Akkad Saadi

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Samir Shamoun

Graphic Designer

Ornina Shabo

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